A member of the GalCom Collective


Bilbringi Shipyards is a member faction of the prestigious conglomerate, Galactic Commerce Collective. It's base of operations is located in the Aphran system of the Bilbringi sector, working in direct partnership with the other member factions of the conglomerate. The Aphran system is choked with planets that are abundant in natural resources, making it a perfect location to place the vast field of shipyards and production facilities. It also lies close to known military shipping lanes, proving to be an invaluable strategic location for production and repair.

Bilibringi Shipyards is fueled mainly by assets held by it's parent company that are openly shared in the interests of mutual success, thus ensuring stability and growth for the future. The proud members of both of these factions will work together to make sure the needs of the other are met. With the joint efforts of the raw material powerhouse and Bilbringi Shipyards, it can comfortably boast the best quality and service available in the galaxy! It's experienced and skilled engineers have the technology to create some of the biggest ships on, or off the market.

With confidence, Bilbringi Shipyards is proud to be able to make its ship and station building expertise available to the public at competitive rates. If you are interested in joining a faction that can build anything, and has what it takes to do it right... You've found the right place! Contact the recruitment Liaison now, to help start building future you've always wanted!