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Latest GNS

  • Alliance Special Operations becomes decadent

    Sources close to Alliance Special Operations (ASO) have identified several breaches of internal security resulting in the abduction of one of their top lieutenants at the hands of Defilers of the terrorist network Zann Consortium and Dread pirates.

    It was not long ago that Xakic Jix and his rogue Hellions stood before the galaxy proclaiming that they would take the fight to any who opposed their legitimate way of life. Xakic’s bold statements would prove initially fruitful as the cadre of bandits suddenly turned legitimate would engage many galactic organizations including: the crumbling crime syndicate Black Sun, the superpower Galactic Empire, and later destroy the pirate crew Twin Suns, considered by many in the galaxy to be a Black Sun front. However , a fragile side of ASO soon surfaced.

    An anonymous informant close to Alliance Special...

  • Breaking News from the Kastolar Union
    The regular GNS feed abruptly stops and the view fades to a male reporter, who clears his throat and speaks.
    “We just received breaking news from the Kastolar Union Headquarters, and we take you directly to the live feed from their press conference”
    Kastolar Union
    The spinning logo of the Kastolar Union fades into the familiar setting of Sienars’ press room, with the podium up front, and banners for each of the Sienar corporations, Sector Rangers and the Kastolar Union hanging in the background. 
    Three men enters the room - Vice Chancellor Drey Exodus, the Sullustan President of the Sienar Conglomerate, whom is accompanied by Chancellor Polarisruner, the Human Commander of the Sector Rangers, and Bart Roberts, the Coruscani Vice President of the Sienar Conglomerate.
    Drey walks up to the podium, and the two other men take up positions on each side of him. Exodus looks over to the side, nods...

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