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  • Ascendancy Anniversary Celebrations Continue
    Rot'san'esibi Bicsazan'i Tiscah Bio'sehah


    Good evening! I am Zurr`acewo`zuorre, reporting live for Chiss Public InfoNet from the CPIN Broadcasting Citadel, on Csilla. As you can see behind me, celebrations are still occurring around the Chiss ancestral homeland, marking the one year anniversary of the latest incarnation of the ancient government of the Chiss people, the Chiss Ascendancy! It is an incredibly loud and joyous atmosphere.


    For those tuning in via our galactic broadcast, I would like to take a moment to share a bit of history behind this historic and momentous occasion. Over a year ago the former Chiss Regime was destroyed, not by a military coup nor an attempt by political enemies to commandeer the throne. Rachel Keiko-Sho, one-time leader of the former Ascendancy was ultimately the one who eliminated it. Despite displaying moments of great leadership and teamwork,...

  • Nefarious Sith Plot Thwarted, Darth Volentus Captured







        OSSUS (JA P&P.R DIVISION) - A major threat to the existence of the Jedi Order has been neutralized today, with the defeat and capture of Sith Lord Darth Volentus.

    Volentus, whose real name is Dorian Tecto, was responsible for spearheading an extremely ambitious, possibly years-long plot to infiltrate the Jedi Order in its highest echelons. The Jedi Order, due to its nature and the values it espouses, has ever been the frequent target of infiltration or assassination attempts by its many enemies. It is only to be expected then, that some that try succeed. Taking advantage of a gullible previous Council, and through his mastery of certain Dark side techniques, the Sith Lord was able to shield his true nature, and acted the dutiful Jedi...

  • Force Wielding Pirates Brought to Justice
    CORUSCANT (INB) - The galaxy has become a safer place today as the Empire announces the execution of two key members of the criminal organisation known as the Raptor Pirates. A prospective member of the Order of the Sith succesfully captured two force wielding pirates and delivered them to Imperial Intelligence to face the Imperial justice system.
    Once a wide-spread criminal organisation, the Raptor Pirates surprised the galaxy when news reached the galaxy of Squall Chitose's capture at their hands last year, however they have steadily declined and slipped into obscurity since. Amongst the guilty was Sivad Nivram, one of the leaders of the pirates, who had already been proclaimed dead in Year 4. Despite his apparent death, Sivad was found to still be alive when he achieved short-lived prominence for the theft of an Acclamator Assault Ship from the now deceased Teniel Djo. The other pirate was identified by court...

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