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  • The Safeword is Shawl

    The verdict is in and it has been decided that the Pirate Queen Syn has been removed as a citizen of the Trade Federation with these simple words, "Given the lack of evidence substantiating the more inflammatory of your claims, we have concluded your public statements were intentionally defamatory and warrant your denaturalization. Thank you for participating in our community, we enjoyed having you." This may be a surprise to some, but less of a surprise to others. What is more of a surprise is that the punishment is only one sided. When Crepan looked over the initial article again, all we saw was someone defending themselves as well as it being a misunderstanding and were more than a little confused by the judgement made.

    Many wonder what the Director may have been thinking. We at Crepan decided to take a closer look from various angles how this...

  • Alma Pirata

    YLESIA--A tale of scandal and intrigue rocked the Outer Rim this week as Lilith Delcroix, the Trade Federation's new Director of Trade, accused Syn of the Eidola Pirates of abducting and ransoming her for several hundred million credits and of stealing her prized lightsaber.


    Delcroix was appointed Director of Trade on Day 289, successor to the innovative and highly successful Tanez Kalrade. Her first action in her new position was to skip work and set course for Ylesia, notorious hunting territory of the Eidola Pirates, in order to personally deliver the department's entire supply of heavily employee-discounted Corellian Powersuit armour in order to aid in outfitting new pirates. She arrived on Day 304, whereupon she claimed she had been promptly apprehended by the honest and reputable Anzati not far from the site of Executor Seele's capture a year and a half prior.

    The case is still under investigation by...

  • Reek Riding Season Ends in Geonosis

    Stalgasin Hive, Geonosis -- Geonosians are baffled. The streets of Stalgasin Hive are still swarming with foreigners. They are not used to a massive invasion of tourists, especially for an extended period of time. The reason of this sudden inflow of outworlders is the GRRA Finals. The six-month-long season of reek riding has ended on Day 295, with a long prize-giving ceremony to award the winners and runner-ups in seven categories.

    Since its inception, reek riding has grown in numbers and popularity, reaching 37 registered riders with an average of 28 participating per event. Now, after sixty rounds in twenty events, reek riders have gathered to be acknowledged from the most demanding public in the galaxy, the Geonosians, in the most demanding location in the galaxy: Petranaki Arena.

    Petranaki Arena viewed from the stands.
    Petranaki Arena moments before the Finals opening...

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