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  • Former Imperial Executor forms breakaway movement; declares new Imperial Civil War

    (Halowan, Fakir) - Quarters of the galaxy were shocked, saddened and encouraged respectively at the unexpected return of Orphaea Imperium, former Executor of the Galactic Empire, who in a statement today announced the formation of an Imperial government in exile in opposition to the Ndengin regime, which is said to have lost the faith of the Imperial people. The announcement indicates the commencement of a new Imperial Civil War, the fifth since the Empire's formation in 10 BCGT.

    flag.jpg"It is clear that, despite the hopes that I and others had at the end of the reign of Vodo Bonias, the new order that commenced that day has failed," Imperium said in a statement to the galaxy. "Under Guinar Ndengin, the longest reigning Emperor since Bonias, the Empire has gone from leading the greatest alliance of galactic powers in living memory to a...

  • Republic Election Results Announced


    Republic Election Results Announced

    Veritas News Inc. -- Rehemsa, Corellian sector

    In the past few hours, sources in the New Republic have confirmed that the recent run-off between Chief of State candidates Tengri Lethas and Ro Ru Wok has been decided by voters, with Ru Wok - who was already carrying out the role in a temporary capacity - emerging victorious. The wookiee, who previously served as High Admiral of the Republic's Navy, is expected to publish a press release announcing his assumption of office (which will last only a few months, filling out the rest of his predecessor's term) over the next several days. Despite the superficial success of the election, suspicions and conspiracy theories of fraud are already running amok on the holonet and the Republic itself.

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