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  • Trade and Crime

    The galaxy is a multifaceted panorama of life, a tangled and intricate web of interactions that join us all together. And upon these webs, stalking in shadows, are the criminal and the corrupt. There are those that are shrouded by an air of suave sophistication, hidden behind suits and corporations as they pull invisible strings. Others are made untouchable by an irresistible mix of a buccaneering spirit and the stun of charismatic celebrity. There are even those who use anarchic brutality to beat their prey into submission with indiscriminate aim, powered by greed and a desire to impose their will.

    Kal Eung

    Kal E'ung

    Crepan Crime Correspondent

    The defence against crime and corruption is law, order and morality. However, it often seems like these ideals are upheld with an insipid fist, with criminals fearing little of the consequences of their actions.


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Want to have your own private security squad? Or want to go out bandit hunting? GalCom can supply you with Gamorrean soldiers - some of the toughest, meanest sentients across the galaxy are available only from GalCom!

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