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  • Black Sun Illuminated

    Not long ago it was revealed by Alliance Special Operations that Dac Kain was actually Shadow Vigo Losco. A Shadow Vigo is one who operates within a different organization in order to act on behalf of Black Sun and whose ties to Black Sun are intended to remain secret. We at Crepan have recently uncovered confirmation of this rumuor and have decided to share it with you all. This is a transmission we acquired earlier from our source known as “The Kiffar”.

    After much discussion, the Family Council has decided that our brothers and sisters in the Family are worthy of knowing the identity of Shadow Vigo Losco. Shadow Vigo Losco is Dac Kain, leader of Mecrotica. Additionally, Shadow Lord Umbria is Alysia Kain. The Mecrotica factions beneath Vigo Kain's leadership are an unknown, private extension of the Black Sun Collective.

    With this announcement, does come some rules: Vigo...

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