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  • New Republic Election Approaches

    Republica, REPUBLICA -- Six candidates are campaigning to serve as the New Republic's next Chief of State. The post became vacant last week on D230 following the resignation of Kara DuMonte Webb.

    It is likely that no single candidate will receive more than 50% of the votes in the first round of voting. In that case, a run-off election would be held between the top two vote-receiving candidates. RNN analysts suggest the strong field and high number of candidates will benefit a candidate with deep but not necessarily wide support until the head-to-head run-off. Polls open for seven days beginning Y15 D240, with the run-off to follow for seven days if necessary. Elections in the New Republic are named in the Constitution by when campaigning is to begin.

    Perhaps one of the Chief of State's most important responsibilities is appointing the Advisory Council...

  • New Republic: Resignations and Elections


    New Republic: Resignations and Elections

    Veritas News Inc. -- Lorell, Hapes Cluster

    On Day 230 of this galactic year, Chief of State Kara DuMonte Webb and High Ambassador Biffis Maximus, both leading figures of the New Republic (NR), resigned. With Chief of Military Operations Wedge Achilles being on a previous planned leave, rumors quickly began to fly, the galaxy quickly began to ask questions. Has the New Republic been destabilized? Will they recover? Who will lead the New Republic now? Is this yet another indication that the Galactic Alliance is failing? The official reason for the resignations is serious fatigue. Rumor has it that issues with the way NR has been run could have contributed to the decisions, and that they could no longer handle the strain of leadership.


  • New Galactic Sport: Reek Riding

    New Galactic Sport: Reek Riding

    In the galaxy, there is a single constant that unites man and woman, Human and Wookiee, Zeltron and Falleen: sports. At the heart of the individual, once you remove the political drapes that seem to cover every inch of living space, you find that competitive ambition. Recently, a new sport has hit galactic highlights: Reek Riding. Initially just an Outer Rim competition to prove one's battle prowess and kill time, it has since gained increasing popularity since its first debut on Iridonia. Picked up by the Galactic Sports Association under the banner of the Galactic Reek Riding Association, it was led to screaming success by its creator Ruben Wan, as twenty-two participants and four teams all fought for dominance over the massive reeks. Since its start in the galactic field on Day...

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